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While this site has yet to be perfected (I am still trying to be creative in thinking of what I want the main page to look like), there are some links that people want to visit off of this main page, so here they are.

To see the SportCourt story and the pictures that go with it click here

To see pictures from the 2003 Christmas party (including several of the cousins' group picture) click here

To see pictures from Paul and Jenn's wedding click on any of the three sets of pictures
set 1
set 2
or set 3

To see pictures of the the HS graduation party for Kim Bucher, Andrew Junod and Nick Bucher click here

To go to Eric Bucher's web pages click here

To read Tom Bucher's eulogy with the accompanying letter written by Mom (Estelle Bucher/Mrs. Joseph G. Bucher Jr.) click here

To view the Joseph G. Bucher Jr. honoree write-up on the National World War II memorial, click Here

If you are looking for the family directory click here*.
* - Site is password protected. If you want to know the password send an e-mail to me

To go to Danny Junod's web page for the club he started at school click here