Home SportCourt® Preamble

In April of 2004, my wife and I decided to put a tennis court that could be used for hockey in our back yard.

I am a hockey player - ice, roller, but primarily street hockey, which, for those who don't know the difference, is played in sneakers as opposed to ice skates or roller blades.  I grew up as a Philadelphia Flyers fan, back in the Broad Street Bully days and every kid in Philly played street hockey (but I digress).   About six years ago, I started playing street hockey every Sunday afternoon in the street outside my home with my sons and neighborhood kids.  Over the years, as the kids grew and had friends who could drive, more players showed up.  However, as time went by, the game was getting confined.  What had started as a game with skinny 7th and 8th graders had become competitive sessions with big college adults.  It became confining and the skills were better than the surface was allowing.  Something had to happen.

In researching the options, I came upon SportCourt®, which is a national company that specializes in constructing multipurpose courts.  In the case of my court, it is equipped to play hockey (street and roller), tennis, basketball, volleyball and badminton.  In working with Bill Coughlin, president of Hudson Valley Home Tech (my area's SportCourt® dealer), we came up with the design.  Not only did we incorporate the nice color scheme and layouts for the sports I mentioned, but the way it was designed, and with hockey in mind, we included a curb with curved corners.  Inside the curbs, the playing surface slants ever so slightly (less than an inch for each 10 feet across the fifty-foot width of the court) and then there are drains along the approximately 90 foot length (10 feet apart) so the that there is no gathering water.  The construction is solid.  They placed steel re-bar throughout and turned the steel up into the curbs and by using one continuous pour have no joints in the structure.  In the winter, this design and construction will allow me to - get this - cover the drains and flood the court in order to convert it into an ice rink.  Cool or what?

That's about it from a background perspective.  To look at the pictures of the construction in a logical day by day pace click on this link.  If you are the type of person who likes to read the end of a novel first and want to see the finished product right away click here. This final day page also has a inks on the bottom to our opening day ceremonies where we moved the goal from player to player starting in the street where we use to play to the new court. There is also a link to pictures taken from the air.

I can not neglect to give a shout out to Bill, Michael, Kolbert, Louis and the others who did such a nice job in making that design a actual court.  They did a great job.

Lastly, as shout outs go, a big hardy one to my wife for going along with me on this.  She is something special to me.

If you have any questions about my court, send me an e-mail.   You may also want to go out to the SportCourt® website for more information. Click on the "game court" - "design gallery" to see the various shapes and sizes.  The one at my house is the best of them though. :)

Tell them Paul sent you.